Alex (dog on the left) was left in a basement for years. Someone in the family could no longer live with this sad truth. They called Doriane. She met with the angel who got him out of the basement. The dog released to her. These two wonderful people adopted Alex so that Ruby (on the right) would have a boyfriend!


While driving dog a Los Angeles street, Doriane spotted this sweet girl running down the middle of the road (Addison Street). Without hesitation, this girl jumped right into Doriane’s car. Her name became Madison and was adopted by an amazing family.


And then there was this big lug! His family could no longer take care of him so naturally he went to Doriane’s home until a perfect match was found. And here they are, as happy as can be, picking him up. He’s already taking the front seat!


Doriane received a call from neighbors that a dog had been outside for years and was constantly barking. This was perhaps one of Doriane’s saddest rescues. Although it did not start a a rescue. She wrote the family a letter and asked if she could come speak with them; they agreed. Once she explained the nature of dogs and why their dog (name omitted purposely) was barking, the family was truly upset that they had let him live outside in a 10x10 area for 7 years! They tried to let him live in the house but it proved to be too difficult of an adjustment for them. They released the dog to Doriane. He eventually made his way up to a beautiful sanctury in Maine.

Here he is alone for 7 years.


Freedom, companionship and a bath feels sooooo wonderful.


Mick and Sadie