A Humane Education Performance Troupe

Spreading Our Message About Human Rights, Animals Rights and Environmental Issues Through Song

SHumane Education can be a powerful force for good in the world!

Our Goal... We are seeking a group "troupe" of young adults who feel that they would like to make this world a better place either for animals, the environment or in the area of human rights.The Institute for Humane Education sets out four key elements of humane education:

- Providing accurate information (so we have the knowledge to face challenges)

- Fostering the 3C's: curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking (so we have the tools to meet challenges)

- Instilling the 3R's: reverence, respect, responsibility (so we have the motivation to confront challenges)

Why Music/Performance Troupe..We have used Performance Art to educate children, but we have not, to our knowledge, incorporated a Humane Education message with a musical style that children (10-17 years old) can identify with.. Music holds the status of being the universal language which creates a powerful vehicle for teaching and communicating. When we hear a song, our emotions and our intellect are active and hopefully opening the door to our souls. Oftentimes, we are not even aware that a teaching element is occurring as may be the case when hymns are sung at church. When we combine the style of music that our youth is listening to, along with important messages in the lyrics, we are creating a cultural connection and giving our youth a voice.

Let’s bring Souler Power to the stage for this amazing pilot program!

The Power of Performance as an Educational Tool ©
Doriane Lucia